Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake is a pioneer when it comes to pleats. In 1993, his popular Pleats Please collection introduced a heat-treated, permanent pleat. Now, for his 2016 spring collection, Baked Stretch,  Miyake is revolutionizing the pleat again using a springy micro-pleat that moves along the body like a Slinky. The wavy, colorful dresses are beautifuly designed, but the process by which they’re made is fascinating. A piece of cloth is imprinted with a special glue, placed in a baking machine, and baked. Similar to bread rising in the oven as it bakes, the glue expands with high heat, transforming the molds of the pleats to complete the clothing. While the recipe is simple, it provides the possibility for a myriad of arrangements. Issey Muyake continues to open up new horizons for making clothes through research and experimentation while reimagining the relationship between the human body and clothing.


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