Amien Juugo is a graphic design student and illustrator from Makassar, a port city on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. When he is not at college he works as a freelance illustrator from his small home workspace. Amien extremely enthusiastic when it comes to design and illustration and draws much of his inspiration from his love of film and. We managed to chat to Amien, the youngest creative we have featured in Designtimes, to tell us a little about his work and love of design and illustration.


What got you interested in illustration, is it something you were doing from a very young age?
Yes it was. I am very grateful to my parents who initiated the interest. When I was a young child they would spend hours drawing with me even though they did not have a background in art and I enjoyed it tremendously. That’s what sparked my interest and love for illustration.


Describe your style of illustration?
Well, I focus mainly on vector art. I love this style of illustration because of the simplicity and graphic elements which make up an illustration. I also love how easily vector illustration can be applied to various mediums, like t-shirts, posters and other products. Vector art also makes for a cleaner art compared to other types of work in my opinion, that’s what makes me pay attention to neatness and detail in my work.


What keeps you inspired?
Inspiration is the beginning of the process, it can come from anywhere and everywhere. In this case, I obtain a lot of inspiration through the things that I like such as movies, animation, music and my collection of action figures.
Talk us through the process of working on an illustration? I rarely use a pencil and paper, the mouse is my weapon and the computer has become my main medium. When it comes to sketching, colouring, editing and other processes I do them all digitally.

What advice would you give to young people wanting to improve their illustration?
Information is important and it has become very easy to get, you can find anything in cyberspace, just about anything. When you want to ask something, Google is the answer. Social media can help you connect with talented people and provide a lot of inspiration. Do what you love and dare to show your work to the world!

What do you love and what do you dislike about your work?
What I love about my work is the process, a great work is developed through a long process. There is nothing I dislike about my work. Work is like a child, the author is a parent. Parents should not dislike their children.

Is there an illustrator you look up to?
It’s hard to pick just one name. I learned a lot by observing the works of James Jean, Vincent Aseo, Cristiano Siqueira and Sweta Kartika.

What is your ten year plan?
To be a part of the credits of a big movie.

If you could be a superhero for a day, who would you be and why?
Can I choose to be a villain? If I could, I want to be the Joker. In my opinion he is one of the most creative comic book characters. He is always commng up with crazy and creative plans.

If you were stranded on a dessert island and could pack a sandwich what kind of sandwich would it be?
Enough sandwiches to be able to form the word SOS.



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